End of a Decade

Build your home of Tomorrow!

Here we are!  The end of the 2010's!  It just seems like it was 1999 and the world's technological systems were going to crash!  Now we have mobile computers in our pockets we cannot survive without.  Did you know this now has expanded into our homes?  Yes our homes are now smart with Ring, Alexis, Google Home, Security, and lighting.  Now they can be smart and energy efficient with building materials beyond what eyes see!  Radiant Barrier roofing material, blown bib insulation, sweatless window technology, tile shower systems, cement siding and zip systems to name a few.  All these items make a home more efficient and a solid investment!  Reputable builders in new construction and professional remodelers use these items to build their reputations and back their warranties.  Check with your local HBA for buiders that offer these materials as standards in their homes!  Or ask Heather!  I am a member of the HBA and know the ins and outs and the whos whos in the industry.  I also represent a builder with a long standing quality reputation in Tulsa; Gibson Homes.  Gibson builds from the low $200s up to your wildest imagination and they back their homes with a 10 year warranty!  Call me for an appointment to build your next smart home!

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